Tuesday, October 29, 2019

"(Pornstar) Keiko's" Sat, Nov 9th NYC Private ("Gangbang: Bukkake Edition") Party at 8PM-11PM.

Welcome to the NYC Private Party Blog website. The NYC Private Party Group is a 21 and over, Friendship based NYC Swingers Party Group (established 14 years ago, in 2005) with our email address being partystaffer2@mail.com and with our official website located at http://www.nycprivateparty.com where you will find a banner link to our updated, monthly info website located at https://www.nycprivateparty.info for the latest Party Announcements. Join our "photo gallery" pinterest website located at https://www.pinterest.com/NYCPrivateParty which you can visit also. You are cordially invited to attend "(Pornstar) Keiko's" Saturday, Nov 9th, 2019 NYC Private ("Gangbang: Bukkake Edition") Party at 8PM-11PM (which is a part of the "Gangbang: Bukkake Edition" Series). Text the word "Guestlist (along with your email address)" to attend or Sign up via our "Official" website to attend our "NYC Private Party" among friends, as we expand our "Circle of Friends" as the much requested, high heeled, voluptous, super sexy, incredibly popular, as well as being two of our favorite, Bi, Asian, female members, "(Pornstar) Keiko", who is "Back By Popular Demand", returns with her celebrity appeal, beautiful curves, insatiable energy, very hot personalities in this not to be missed NYC Private ("Gangbang") Party because of the fun and energy that will be created by attending this specific NYC Private Party in celebration of her "Return". You can text us directly to attend our swingers party and let us know your hotmail, gmail, or yahoo based email address, or sign up via our www.nycprivateparty.com website on the "Guestlist Form" with your name, age, gender, email address, cellphone number, let us know if you are from a Swinger website like we are, your profession and by attaching a G rated face photo of yourself, which we ask of every member attending. We will email you your "Guestlist Confirmation" followed by "Email #1", which contains the party information 3 days before the actual date of the event, as well as on the day of actual PartyIn attending, we ask all NYCPP members to please arrive on time, to be respectful of our specific rules and of our esteemed, female members. To contact us, you can email us directly at partystaffer2@mail.com with your gmail, hotmail, or yahoo email address and please remember to include your cellphone number also. We look forward to seeing our esteemed, current NYCPP members and look forward to meeting new NYCPP members, as well. Please remember to sign up to receive our "November Party Invitation" via our partystaffer2@mail.com email address also. - - - The NYC Private Party Group is a 21 and over, Friendship based Swingers Party Group where "Females are the Center of Attention". Copyright 2019. NYCPrivateParty.com NYCPrivateParty.info and NYCPrivateParty.Blogspot.com All Rights Reserved.

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